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  • First person / Online multiplayer
  • Openworld political strategy / Society builder


  • All living species reproduce, age and die


  • NPC AI based on personality and needs


  • Advanced group, subgroup and role creation


  • Survival: Every character needs air, water, food, warmth, excretion and some sleep.
  • Skills: The player can train skills by becoming fermiliar with certain actions. The more the player uses the action, the higher the skill gets.
  • Groups: Create a group and claim territory to build a settlement. Devide work and resources with roles and subgroups. Set rules to control your population.
  • Strategy: Create alliances with tradepartners or declare war on your enemies, your group, your style.
  • Death: When you die, you will lose your character, it's skills and all of it's possessions. Allthough this might sound terrible, in Unclaimed you can actually gain from death.


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